Divideon has created the world-class video codec xvc, and made the full source code publicly available at GitHub.

The xvc codec uses advanced compression technologies to deliver unprecedented compression performance, while still operating at reasonable levels of computational complexity.

The terms for using xvc are specified in the xvc license agreement available at xvc.io/license/. In short, the license allows for non-commercial use of xvc, free of charge, for the purpose of personal use, education, research, standardization and internal evaluation. For commercial use there is a fee for using xvc which is calculated based on the number of active xvc instances per month.

In order to start licensing xvc for commercial use, please send a signed copy of the xvc license agreement to the address provided in the license agreement.

At the xvc website you will find further information about patents, licensor rewards (for patent holders) and the unique xvc indemnification clause.

For questions related to licensing xvc, please contact xvc-licensing@divideon.com.