Mobile video streaming with xvc

The world is going mobile. Connectivity and capacity is increasing rapidly all around the world and people are starting to use mobile connections to consume media services anywhere and at any time. And in many parts of the world, a mobile connection is more or less the only channel for consuming media and information.

Unfortunately, the capacity in mobile networks is not increasing in the same pace as peoples appetite for media services. Far too often, consumers are faced with low quality video which makes the story disappear in a chaos of blur and blockiness. Luckily, Divideon is able to present a solution for retaining good video quality even under the most challenging network conditions.

By using the most advanced compression technologies available in the novel video codec xvc, Divideon are able to offer unprecedented video quality for mobile streaming applications. You can start the video below to see the significant quality increase provided by the xvc codec, compared to h.264-based state-of-the art streaming services.

The xvc codec at 120 kbps

The h.264 codec at 120 kbps

The video clip is an extract of the open movie Tears of Steal (CC) Blender Foundation |

The xvc codec is completely software-based and comes with an efficient encoder and a fast decoder. It can be integrated in virtually any streaming service, replacing the bottleneck that limits your video quality today. For the receiver, Divideon have created several different demo applications running on Android, iOS, Windows and Linux. Contact us at if you would like to try them out.

The demo shown above is running the xvc decoding directly in the browser with no plugin required. The demo uses a JavaScript xvc decoder and can run in today’s most popular browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and Opera.

Please contact us at to learn more about how your streaming service can be boosted to improve your video quality today. If you do not have an existing streaming service, but are planning to launch one, we are happy to help you build an xvc-based streaming service through the use of open source media resources or offer you a complete managed streaming service together with a collaboration partner that is best suited to meet your requirements.