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Divideon develops software for efficient video compression using cutting-edge technology. The primary goal of Divideon’s work is to make the very latest compression technology accessible to users all around the world, using completely software based solutions, open and transparent development methods, and a simple and reasonable licensing scheme. The xvc codec is a world-class software-defined video compression format, developed by Divideon, with the source code publicly available at Further information about xvc and how to license xvc can be found at our xvc product page.

The xvc codec delivers compression performance that outperforms all other video codecs, and furthermore, due to xvc’s lightweight decoding complexity and the efficient software implementation, you can run xvc on almost any platform and any device. This means that you can introduce xvc streaming services and take advantage of the improved compression efficiency without having to wait for all your targeted users to replace their devices with new a generation of devices. You can also run xvc directly in the browser using a JavaScript version of the xvc decoder. Please check out the demo in the mobile video streaming product page:

Mobile video streaming with xvc